Rosetta Stone customers learning much more during the lockdown


Stay at home success: Rosetta Stone customers have been extra diligent during the lockdown period, completing many more exercises and taking part in lots of live coaching sessions.

We have been looking to see what our European customers have been getting up to during the last months and how the lockdown has impacted their behaviours. We looked at all our active learners (customers who have completed an exercise within a week) to find out which languages they were learning and how often they were learning.

Course usage has boomed since the lockdown

Rosetta Stone customers have more than doubled their learning activity since the beginning of March*. When looking at the number of times the app was accessed by active learners (those who have completed an exercise within the last week), it is clear that the lockdown has had a big impact on activity.

You can see that in the last month European Rosetta Stone active learners opened the app well over twice as many times as in the previous period.

(*All European active learners – those who have completed an exercise within the last week – opening their iOS or Android App. Actual numbers have been removed as commercially sensitive.)

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Top 10 lockdown learning languages

The languages learnt during the lockdown has remained fairly similar to normal. Spanish, English and French are still the favourites. In much of continental Europe the most actively learnt language is English whereas Britain’s is Spanish followed by French.

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Korean
  6. Italian
  7. Japanese
  8. Russian
  9. Arabic
  10. Chinese

More unexpected was the presence of Korean and Japnese in the top 10 learnt languages. The popularity of Korean is greatest in France, where we have seen a boom in interest in this language. Japanese learning is popular right across our major European markets.

Coaching usage more than tripled during the lockdown

Another encouraging trend has been the massive increase in the number of coaching sessions booked by Rosetta Stone customers during the lockdown. To help people with their stay at home challenge Rosetta Stone has made coaching sessions free to all our customers till the end of June and allowed them to take part in as many as they can book.

The result has been a very busy Rosetta Stone coaching team! Luckily nearly all of our coaches work from home and many have been able to do extra shifts to help handle the surge.

Keep up the good work

It’s great to see so many people are taking this time to learn languages during the shut-down. We’re proud of our customers for doubling their learning activity during the last month and very happy that Rosetta Stone has been able to help people keep themselves usefully occupied during these difficult times.

Language learning is a great way to make use of all the extra time at home. Not only is it good exercise for the brain, it is also a great way to connect with people. With our free tutor sessions, we have been able to get many more learners into conversation during the last month, providing a great opportunity for interaction and meeting other learners.

If you haven’t started already, then there is still time to take advantage of our stay at home offers, including free live coaching sessions!

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