Separated by war. Reunited through language.


Imagine discovering a family you thought you’d lost forever was alive and looking for you. Mark’s story begins with the word “Brother” and traces his return to a land that he’d spent much of his adult life trying to forget.

“When I was 7, a bomb hit my village and I was separated from my family. I was adopted by an American family and I wanted to be American so much, that I lost my language and my culture. Suddenly, a year ago, I was contacted by American Red Cross. They said someone was looking for me: My brothers in Vietnam.”

Language is about more than just communicating; it’s about culture and it’s about identity. Mark re-discovered his roots and his family, breaking down the language barriers that separated them with the help of Rosetta Stone.

Follow Mark as he returns to his native Vietnam and – through language – rediscovers his homeland. “I am not going to lose my family or my language again.”

About the Author Miriam Melchers

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