On holiday to learn – In Bilbao Spain with Alex


Meet our latest Rosetta Stone enthusiast, Alexander Outhwaite. Alex is a travel TV presenter, blogger and language enthusiast who has been using Rosetta Stone to brush up her Spanish.

Alex in Bilbao

Follow Alex as she takes her new language skills on holiday to the Northern Spanish town of Bilbao. Here she goes dining and shopping in the local market, discovering new delicacies from the region, ordering in Spanish and finding some bargains; before discovering a local festival of theatre and visiting the famous Guggenheim museum. Watch the video above to see a great glimpse of one of Spain’s lesser-known cities.

Alex on learning the language

“Speaking other languages has allowed me to immerse myself in other cultures rather than just always scratching the surface. It’s also wonderful to learn a new language later in life, as it isn’t often as an adult that you learn a completely new skill.”

Learn before you travel and enjoy your holiday more

If you want to start your own linguistic adventure then why not go for the gold standard and use a technique that gives you the confidence to interact. Learning not just with software, but with live online tutorials as well, Rosetta Stone is the perfect way to quickly build your speaking skills up to holiday-ready levels. So when you arrive at your holiday destination you feel happy and confident to approach local people and start conversations. Who know where they might lead….

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