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Having trouble finding suitable reading material?

It can be very hard to find texts that reinforce the vocabulary you are learning and are not too difficult and frustrating.  – this is the problem that Rosetta Stone ‘Stories’ solves.

Rosetta Stone ‘Stories’ are a carefully curated selection of texts about the country and culture of the language you are learning. ‘Stories’ come in different levels appropriate to where you are in your learning programme: you can always find a text that you can understand and learn from.

‘Stories’ are both audio and text files. As you listen, the text being read out is highlighted (just like a Karaoke machine), so that you know exactly where you are in the text at all times.

Learning about the culture and place

‘Stories’ are all about the culture and places relevant to the language you are learning. Find out about the famous landmarks, the routines and practises of the people, and their personal stories.

‘Stories’ on mobile app

For example, if you are learning British English, ‘Stories’ will tell about the Tower of London in very simple language for Unit 1 learners: “The Tower of London is white and the sky is blue.”

Once you have progressed as far Unit 10 (mid-way through your Rosetta Stone programme), you can read about having afternoon tea, using slightly more complex constructions: “Tea is good for you, and most people in England drink one or two cups of tea a day”.

Get to the your final class with Rosetta Stone and you should be ready to read about ‘The Street Party’, a personal story about a young girl called Rosie: “Rosie lived in Leytonstone, in the east of London, and later in the day, she and her neighbours were having a party for everyone who lived in their street”.

‘Stories’ on the Desktop version

Or if you are learning German, you can learn all about Nymphenburg Palace in Munich in Unit 2, when you’re just a beginner. Listen to a radio interview with a football player in Unit 7, when you’re a bit more advanced. And then listen to a very informative story of a lady visiting Cologne Cathedral in Unit 19.

In total there are around 30 to 50 different ‘Stories’ to work through per language: A rich resource at your disposal whenever you have a spare moment.

Highlights words and pictures as you listen

‘Stories’ acts like a Karaoke machine, highlighting words as they are read out to you. In addition, many of the words in the texts are coloured green. When you hover over these words with your mouse, pictures pop up to explain the meaning of the word. (Pictures from the units you have been learning).

Listening to stories on the go

‘Stories’ can all be downloaded onto your mobile device, so that you can listen to them wherever you go. They are the perfect way to compliment your vocabulary learning. Listen to them as you commute to work and reinforce the vocabulary learnings relevant to your level.

Try out ‘Stories’ for yourself: Download the Rosetta Stone App on Google Play or App Store and try it for free. Go to Settings -> Extended Learning -> ‘Stories’ – and you will be able to read your first Rosetta Stone Story as part of this free trial. Get the App from the Google Play or Apple Store


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