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Errol De Jesus is an American blogger and influencer who has spent many years learning languages online, including with Rosetta Stone. Currently, she is using all the extra time at home to boost her Japanese learning and to teach her young son more Spanish. Here she shares some of her favourite internet resources for language learning as well as tips for getting the most from Rosetta Stone.

Study from home

Home Study Internet Resources

I’ve drastically improved my Japanese and Spanish through the web. I’ve traveled the world without leaving my home country, let alone my own house. How? Engaging with communities online.

Join Facebook Groups 

Joining language learning groups is one of the best ways to study a language at home and has helped me maintain daily exposure to Spanish and Japanese. You can search for groups and request to join them. Once you’ve been granted access, read the rules and guidelines before posting or commenting. Some groups may have special rules.

Oftentimes, language groups are treasure troves of resources like podcasts, blogs, or products. Besides changing your language settings, these groups provide that human connection that makes learning exciting. Sometimes parents use these groups to schedule playdates. Some users use it to meet up with language partners. It’s a great chance to connect with others from around the world, but again, you do need to take precautions with whatever information you share. 

Interact on Instagram

I’ve saved so many snippets from the lives of people from Japan and Mexico that it feels like I’m there. I know that I’m on Instagram every day, so I might as well incorporate studying a language at home into social media. Through Instagram, I connected with an Indonesian translator who knows Japanese. We still video chat with our children from time to time.

See What’s Trending on Twitter

I check on what’s trending in Japan and Mexico every day. I also challenge myself to tweet in Japanese or Spanish every week. It’s through Twitter that I’ve established friendships with other language bloggers and language learners. I love reading tweets in Japanese about learning Spanish

Making Learning a Language at Home Enjoyable

Thanks to that repeated exposure with Rosetta Stone and social media, I feel more confident when I speak. Even if I mess up, I’ll get corrected and learn something new. A mistake won’t ruin the beautiful connection that you’ve made with a person or a language. It’s all a part of the process.

Regardless of where I am in the world, I know that I can still learn a language and make other cultures a normal occurrence in my life. There are so many communities out there with friendly, encouraging polyglots and language learners to join. Sometimes you have to weed through the trolls and creepers, but it’s worth it to find all the hidden gems that make learning a language at home enjoyable.

Full disclosure: if you’re going to follow in my footsteps and use these resources to Study languages at home, please be aware that you could stumble upon the dark corners of language learning that neither I nor Rosetta Stone condone. Have fun, use good judgement, and stay safe out there! 

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