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The Rosetta Stone app allows you to learn away from home, as you travel, commute or whenever you have a spare moment. With all learning materials available for download in advance, you don’t even need an internet connection.

– Use the time well: Bite-sized lessons
– Reading and Listening: Stories about the culture
– Talking to the locals: Phrasebook is by your side
– Hands-free: Audio Companion
– Preparation: Download what you need

You can try the Rosetta Stone app for free just by downloading it from the Google Play or Apple Stores. If you are an existing customer with an online account, you can access the app just by downloading it and logging on with your existing credentials – your account will automatically be synced across all your devices. The app makes a great companion whatever your length of journey, providing learning and support in bite-sized and easy look-up formats.

Use the time well: Bite-sized lessons

The app contains exercises that typically take 10 to 15 minutes each to complete, so you don’t need a lot of time to make a step forward in your learning. They are presented in a chronological order, logically stepping you through the language, and revising and reinforcing your knowledgebase as you go.

You can also skip to the themes and level most appropriate to you. All the material is laid out in a clearly defined structure, ordered by themes (‘Units’ like ‘Greetings and Introductions’ ‘Work and School’ ‘Shopping’). This means you can easily navigate your way to the topic. Within each Unit there are typically 4 lessons and each of these has a range of vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and grammar exercises.

Reading and Listening: ‘Stories’ about the culture

Away from the main curriculum, Rosetta Stone has a rich resource of reading and listening ‘Stories’ graded as appropriate to your level. There are a handful of ‘Stories’ available for every Unit that you learn, backing up the vocabulary you know and teaching you about the culture, places and people of your new language.

As ‘Stories’ are available in listening form, you can easily enjoy them, hands free, as podcasts, with your phone in your pocket. Or, watch the text on the screen as you listen and see the words highlighted, karaoke-style as you hear them. More about Stories

Talking to the locals: Phrasebook is by your side

Of course, once you’re on holiday, you don’t always have time to navigate back to the relevant lesson before you order a cup of coffee or buy something at a shop. That’s why Rosetta Stone developed ‘Phrasebook’ a feature that helps you lookup the words and phrases you have already learnt, at the moment you need to use them.

Phrasebook focuses on the interactions you are most likely to need while travelling. It’s an easy-look-up reference point that not only gives you a translation but plays back an audio version of the phrases in a ‘typical’ interaction. So if you need to boost your confidence to ask for the menu before the waiter arrives, just pop in an earphone and quickly hear the interaction role-played, before you speak it for yourself.

Hands-free: Audio Companion

‘Audio Companion’ is also available to you in the extended learning section of the Rosetta Stone app. It is a feature that allows you to revise the vocabulary you have learnt but without touching or looking at your phone. You just have to turn it on and listen, then repeat the words.

Audio Companion is available for all the lessons you learn in the Rosetta Stone course. So you can simply revise your vocabulary, lesson by lesson, whenever you want to and wherever you are.

Preparation: Download what you need

All the learning material on your app can be downloaded in advance. This allows you to keep learning anywhere, even places with no or poor internet connections.

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