How to stand out in the modern Job Market

“The more rare the skill you have, the better you can get paid”

CEO of DMCG Global, Justin McGuire

CEO of recruitment firm DMCG Global, Justin McGuire, gives his prognosis for the jobs markets in the time of lockdown. Where are the growth industries? Which countries are booming? Can we work in them remotely and how does language help? Watch the video above for a full answer, or see our quick guide to these questions below:

What is the best foreign language to learn for jobs 2021?

Justin McGure on working abroad
Working Abroad with Justin McGuire

“I would say that is there if one language that would put you in a powerful position in the workplace, then it’s Mandarin. The reality is that China is just growing and growing; it’s going to be the most powerful country in the world, and learning Mandarin is going to give you fantastic head-start there.”

“However, if you don’t want to travel that far then I would say Spanish is a key skill. It’s the second most populous language in the world, so a lot of business comes with that. And I would say Germany. The German economy continues to be pretty resilient and there’s lots of job growth in that part of the world. We’re certainly seeing cities like Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin becoming incredibly important when it comes to technology and opening up to new jobs.”

1. Mandarin
2. Spanish
3. German

What are the best countries to find work in, 2021?

If you’ve ever contemplated working abroad, 2021 could be a good year to do it in. While Europe might remain locked down and see its job market stagnating, other parts of the world may be well on the way to recovery.

“As it stands right now, the regions that seem to be most resilient are Asia Pacific, and China in particular. The Middle East markets have proved to be quite resilient as well with a lot of diversification, away from oil and towards digital. It’s still quite slow in Europe and America. Australia is slowly coming back to life but not as quickly as Asia.”

And don’t let Brexit put you off. While it may have made working in Europe more complicated,  many brits are still interested in working abroad, and this could be the perfect time to fulfil those dreams.

What is the best industry to apply for jobs in 2021?

“The way the world of work is moving, technology and digital skills are highest in demand. That’s really where most of the recruitment has been for our business.”

Will there be more remote working in 2021?

“Choose somewhere within a 3 hour time difference of where you live

“This is the first year where we are really seeing the development of remote working. So there are real possibilities of landing a job within something like a 1 to 3 hour time zone difference to where you are.“

“I still think it’s going to be very hard if say you live in the UK and you want to have a job in Latin America, or if you are in Latin America and you want to have a job in Aisa. The time zones are going to be very difficult for you.”

Which is the best country to work remotely from, 2021?

Of course, you can also change your location as well, and some digital nomads choose locations that are most attractive in terms of the cost and standard of living. Romania and Canada score particularly highly according to a review by yahoo finance.

What are the top skills for working abroad in 2021?

“Technology and languages are two of the main things that people should look at.

“Particularly if you are at home now and you want to look at a new career in a new location. Having a language that will enable you to get there is really going to put you at the top of the pile.”

“It’s those largely involved in the technology space who are still hiring so the smart person should really look at using both those skills.“

Does having a second language improves your chances of getting a job?

“I think learning a language tells an employer that you are committed to embedding yourself not only in the work but also in the culture of the business that you are going to. From an employer perspective it also gives you those softer skills that would allow you to flourish in any destination.”

“It’s a real valuable skills-set if you are working for an international firm. If they want to send you to Frankfurt or Beijing or Buenos Aires you can deliver so much more value with the language. Not only in terms of your capabilities to thrive within the workplace and get on with other colleagues, but also as someone who can take the culture from those places back into the offices as well. So it’s a real plus-point for an international employer.”

For more ideas on which languages are most useful in the global workplace, see our guide to the 8 most useful languages to learn.

Can you earn more money if you are bilingual?

“10% to 15% more”

“Our experience with running a recruitment business for 10 years has shown that the more rare the skill you have the better you can get paid. And particularly when you are looking at British people, who don’t typically learn a second or third language. Having that extra language has tended to earn you 10 % to 15% more.”

So its about having the skills that allows you to stand out from the crowd.  

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*All quotes from the transcript of Justin McGuire’s video above

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