Tutor Session. This is how it feels


One of the unique things about learning with Rosetta Stone is that you can access live online tutor sessions every week. Language learner and blogger, Peter Bragiel, videoed his experience taking part in a one-to-one session so you can get a flavour of how it feels.

Peter is learning Spanish in order to get ready for his big trip to Cuba. Watch him take a Rosetta Stone tutoring session and get one step closer to communicating with the locals.

Helping you perfect what you’ve learnt

As you will see, the online tutor sessions with Rosetta Stone are tailored to reinforce exactly the learnings you have already picked up in self-study using the standard Rosetta Stone course. So rather than waste time having to teach you new things, the tutor is there to check you are speaking it right, help you enjoy the language in use, and motivate you to continue.

Try out Rosetta Stone’s unique approach for yourself today.

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About the Author Simon Goodall

Language learner, teacher and contributing author to the Rosetta Stone magazine