How to find the right words for Romance this Valentine’s


Finding the right words to express yourself romantically can be a challenge. Saying the right things at the right time; not saying too much, but saying enough.

To help out all you helpless romantics this Valentines, Rosetta Stone has been taking advice from some experts in the art of verbal love-making, (Love Text). This new, Munich-based, online dating service is revolutionising the dating scene backwards, by banning all pictures and returning to a personal-ad style of yonder-year.

We went to meet the co-founders Angi Ziebart (German) and Marina Tomacelli Filomarino (Italian) and got their tips on how to connect with people in different languages and craft the perfect romantic message…

Romance through language learning

“We live in a very visual age, but it’s much more romantic to build yourself a picture of the other person through words and conversations. This can work well across languages too. While most of our members write in German, we do have English writers and Spanish writers on our site. Usually, they are looking for people to help them learn German, as well as looking for romance. A so-called tandem meetup can make a good first date and language learning is a very natural way for people to meet up and get to know each other.” – Angi

Read some posts and get some ideas for your Valentine’s message

How Languages bring you closer together

“Languages open up the world to you and put you in contact with people you would have never known otherwise. Without language you can stand and smile at other people, but you cannot go deeper than this without knowing the words.”- Angi

“I learn languages because I’m very curious and I like to observe and to understand people. Without the language, I feel that something is missing. For example, I visit Greece a lot and have been learning the language. I cannot really get what Greece is without talking to Greek people in their own language.” – Marina

How words can express ‘your essence’

“It’s an effort in self-reflection. Who you are, what you can give, and what makes you happy. When people respond to your words they are responding to who you are, not just the fact that you have a nice body or blond hair. They are responding to the essence of you as a character, not as a physical object.”- Marina

“You read a text, you read between the lines and you get a feeling for the sort of person you are talking to. Rather than jump to assumptions, you build yourself a picture of the other person in your imagination. “ – Angi

Some well-crafted words of love – in German!

So far, is live in Germany only, so all the personal advertisements on their site are written in German. Here are some of the highlights, and their translations:

Ein Nordlicht neu in München
Das unwichtigste (der Job) is da.
Was mir fehlt ist eine Stadtführerin die mir den Süden näher bringt.
Wenn mich die Führung überzeugt, bedanke ich mich gerne mit einem Abendessen.
Was zeigst du mir als erstes?

A Northener, new in Munich
The least important thing brings me here (the Job).
I’m missing a tour guide to help me discover the South.
If I like the tour, then I will buy you dinner!
What do you want to show me first?

Wenig Zeit aber im Genuss jeder Sekunde.
Lieber Whiskey auf der Couch als eine überfüllte Tanzfläche.Tägliche Versuche ein besserer Mensch zu werden.
Zu viele Gedanken für zu wenig Worte.Hunde vor Katzen.
Kaffee en masse. Für gute Geschichten immer zu haben.

Too little time, but I enjoy every second.
Prefer a whisky on the couch to a crowded dance floor.
Every day I try to be a better person!
Words fail to express all my thoughts
Dogs over Cats
Lots of coffee
Always have good stories

Ich, 25, Bassistin und Musikfreak,
möchte nicht mehr alleine in der ersten Reihe alleine abgehen.
Machst du mit?

Me 25, Bassist and music freak,
Would like not to be alone in the first row any more.
Will you come with me?

Why not try writing a Valentine’s message in the language you are learning this year?

If you really want to impress your special someone this Valentine’s, try writing them a message in your new language. We’d love to see what you come up with. Share your creative pick-up line or tips in the comments.

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