Immersion in Action.

From lesson one, the language you're learning is
the only one you'll hear and the only one you'll use.
Experts call that 'immersion'.

With over 200 hours of interactive content,
see what you'll learn.



0–50 HOURS

Gain confidence by mastering basic
conversational skills. This includes

greetings, introductions, simple
Q&As, and much more.

How are you?
What is
your name?
Nice to
meet you!
Where are
you from?
Exchange simple greetings & farewells.
This is my
friend Anna.
My name is
David Brown.
Excuse me,
do you speak
Introduce yourself, friends & family.
How much
does the gray
jumper cost?
I'm buying
flowers because
I'm visiting my
grandmother this
I want to pay
with cash/a
credit card.
Go shopping & place orders.


51–100 HOURS

Learn to navigate your environment and
handle basic interactions.
This includes
giving (and getting) directions, using
telling time, eating out,
and more.

Excuse me,
how do I get to
the library?
Take the bus to
the fourth bus
stop. Get off the
bus, and walk to
the second street.
I take
the train
to work.
Order a meal at a restaurant. Explain what you do in your spare time. Discuss your hobbies and interests.
Do you know
his phone
Who are
you calling?
Hello? Can I
speak with
John, please?
Transit & how to get around.
I would like
to make a
The bus
departs six
times a day.
My flight
arrives at
Make & receive phone calls.


101–150 HOURS

Learn to share your ideas and opinions,
express feelings, and talk
everyday life.
This includes your interests, profession,
current events,
and more.

I hurt my
elbow. Do
you have a
I'm sick.
Do you
have some
Health & well being.
I'm almost tall
enough to ride
the bicycle.
Please measure
the floor. It's
sixteen feet long
by thirteen feet
The slice of
pie weighs less
than the slice
of cheese
Weigh & measure things.
Will you
marry me?
on your new
I hope it
doesn't rain on
my wedding day.
Celebrate important events.


151–200 HOURS

Learn to share your ideas and opinions,
express feelings, and talk
everyday life.
This includes your interests, profession,
current events,
and more.

I would like
to order
seafood with
garlic sauce.
Good evening.
We would like
a table for
four, please.
We would
like the bill,
Order food at a restaurant.
The pipe is
There's a
problem with
my car. Oil is
I have a
problem. I
have a flat
Arrange for repairs for your home or car.
This morning,
I can't
run because
I'm sick.
I'm very tired.
I've been working
since 5:00 this
When I visit
friends who
have dogs, I
always sneeze.
Discuss your personal well being.


201–250 HOURS

Discuss entertainment, culture,
government, and the marketplace.

Level Five is the place to refine and
perfect your conversational skills.

This power
plant produces
electricity from
I've worked for
the government
for fifteen years.
I'm a politician.
I'll be
presenting my
idea for a new
office building.
Talk about work in various industries.
Now that I'm
older, I enjoy
playing the piano
while my friends
They're watching
a movie about
traveling through
time. It's science
What are you
reading? I'm
reading a
romantic novel.
Discuss pop culture, arts & entertainment.
Last week, I didn't
know the answers
to any of the
questions because
I didn't study.
I could have been
a biologist, but I
liked chemistry
Your assignment
was due thirty
minutes ago.
Converse about school, work & studies.

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